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Emoticons Mail for Outlook

Emoticons Mail allows you to quickly insert a smiley icon into your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email messages. All you have to do is select your choice of smiley from a menu and click on it to insert it into your current e-mail window.

Emoticons are category-based, with more than 900 smileys to brighten your correspondence. The smileys collection is organized in a way to make it really easy to pick the required picture.

When communicating with someone in real life, everything from the tone of our voice, gestures and body language makes it easier to understand what's behind the words. In the online world, it is much harder and can even cause misunderstandings. You can personalize your emails by adding cute little faces - smileys, showing the person what was is real meaning of your words.

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Click to see the full-size screenshot

Click to see the full-size screenshot
Click to see the full-size screenshot

General Features

  • Ease of use.
  • Adds smileys to e-mail.
  • Sits in system tray.
  • More than 900 smileys included.
  • It is possible to add your personal emoticons.
  • No offensive smileys included.
  • It is possible to add and delete groups of emoticons and change the location of groups.
  • Supports WebMail (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003.
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x/6.x.
  • The list of favorite emoticons.
  • The list of the latest smileys applied.
  • Category and subcategory based storage.
  • Fully resizable application window.
  • Display full-size smileys.

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Emoticons Mail 3.2 has been released.

Small Emoticons Expansion Pack has been released.

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