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Download the latest version of Emoticons Mail here!

Download Emoticons Mail 3.2 (1.4 MB)
(for Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003)

This is a trial version of Emoticons Mail. You can evaluate it for free for 30 days or register to disable the nag screen.

Downloading and Installation Instructions

  1. Choose to 'Save' the program.
    When your download begins, you will be prompted to save the program to your computer. Click the Save button.

  2. Select the saving location.
    In the 'Save As' screen, you can select a location on your computer to save the download. Click the Save (or Open) button.

  3. Wait while the program downloads.

  4. Start the installation.
    When your download is finished, simply double click on the file you downloaded (emomail.exe) to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Emoticons Mail.

Upgrade Instructions

To install the upgrade, do not uninstall your previous version of Emoticons Mail.

Leaving the old version installed will allow the installation procedure to replace the old version with the new version, while preserving your registration information and configuration settings. To install the new release:

  1. Download and run the distribution file.
    Download and run the Emoticons Mail distribution file (emomail.exe) using the "Downloading and Installation Instructions".
  2. Install the new version.
    Install the new version to the folder where your previous version of Emoticons Mail was installed.

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Emoticons Mail 3.2 has been released.

Small Emoticons Expansion Pack has been released.

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